Women and Money: Stats that Matter

Numbers matter, but so does context. Take a look at the data behind women’s smart investing choices, the narrowing gaps, and the work still ahead for personal wealth, income, and retirement.

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Invest Like a Woman

Define Success on Your Own Terms

We’re talking about more than just financial metrics. True success comes from accomplishing your goals — by achieving your heart’s desire and living your best life. We pledge to challenge ourselves to think past one-dimensional measurements, like rate of return, and instead choose to focus on enriching the parts of our lives that matter most to us.

Collaborate and Share Wisdom With Like-Minded Women

Living in possibility means opening our hearts and minds to each other. We believe in sharing our stories and experiences with our family, friends and colleagues. In doing so, we learn from and empower others to achieve their hopes, dreams and goals. And most importantly, we truly believe that when we support and lift each other up, we are all more effective, smart and successful.

Put Unnecessary Complexity to Rest

Our financial goals and priorities are real, profound parts of our lives — and they deserve to be handled with the utmost authenticity. We speak to our clients in simple, straightforward terms, without condescension or presumption. Through it all, we lead with compassion and encouragement, while helping our clients recognize, and feel confident in, their knowledge and abilities.

Approach Money Management With Acceptance and Positivity

We commit to a service philosophy that is grounded in strong relationships and deep connection. Investors are interesting and passionate human beings; they are not their balance sheets. We believe that talking about the values behind the numbers is crucial to achieving financial success. Harnessing our emotions can be a powerful tool for positive change and better financial outcomes.

Talk About the Process

Financial advisors excel at focusing on the analytical side of investing — and they’re pros at crunching the numbers behind any long-term projection. But that’s only part of it. They must also work just as hard to acknowledge and learn about the values that lie at the core of their clients' financial decisions. We pledge to always serve our clients and the broader community of investors from a place of truth and transparency (while always embracing our inner nerds).

Make Room for Expertise and Empathy

The financial world is often characterized as stuffy and sterile — emotionless. But we choose to believe a different story. So often, the financial situations we face in our lives are deeply personal and emotional. We believe that financial matters require both expertise and empathy, in equal measure. Anyone who focuses on one at the expense of the other is presenting a false choice.

Empower Clients With Education and Support

Your mother was right: There is no such thing as a stupid question. Like most things in life, financial knowledge is power. The right education can make all the difference in critical financial decisions — and we pledge to arm our clients with the tools and resources they need to do so successfully, without judgement or disdain.

Engage in Crucial Conversations

Remember: Bringing empathy to the table doesn't necessarily mean you have to embody Pollyanna. As advisors, we will always be willing to tackle the tough stuff and ask important questions with kindness, compassion, realism and candor. By engaging in these conversations — be they difficult, awkward or celebratory — we put our clients on the path toward long-term financial success.

Vote With Our Dollars — and Make Them Count

Our commitment to women’s empowerment and success extends far beyond the realm of our industry. We direct our financial resources to enterprises — local and national alike — whose brands embrace our values. We support the companies whose products and services take women seriously and afford them the respect we all deserve.

Bring Ambitious Women to the Forefront

We champion women who own their ambition — women who are unapologetic about who they are and what they want out of their personal and professional life. We see the word, “ambition,” in a positive light and embrace it as our new normal, something we all aspire to be.

We Invite You to Join Us!

Let’s start talking about women and money in an unapologetic and unabashed way. For our part, we will continue to address the challenges our clients face, encourage them to venture outside their comfort zone, and empower them to recognize the strengths they already possess, in finance and beyond.