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Based in San Francisco, The Humphreys Group is proud to be a women-owned and -operated, fee-only wealth management firm. We provide comprehensive financial planning and investment management, with a focus on the unique needs, aspirations, perspectives, priorities, and strengths of women. We provide wealth management that combines expertise and empathy; we consider these two aspects to be equally nuanced, skill‐based, and crucial to clients’ financial success.

We work with women who are taking charge of their own lives through learning, engaging in conversation, desiring a connection to community, and obtaining expertise to reach their life’s goals.
They may be at the beginning and looking for support and guidance, but they are ready to expand their comfort zone.

Here are some of the clients we work with – it may be that their financial planning needs and goals sound familiar:

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The Role of Family CFO

Breadwinner Women

As the CFO of your household, you’re responsible for your family’s financial security — and that comes with a lot of pressure and anxiety. Your career is empowering and fulfilling, but you feel like you can’t ever relax or make a mistake. The pandemic intensified the point — what if something happens to take out your earning capacity?

You might have complicated feelings about being the primary breadwinner. Maybe you feel disconnected and isolated from friends in your new economic status. Maybe you feel like you’re taken for granted by your family at times. Or maybe you feel unsure about how to handle changing dynamics in your household with your family and partner.

At The Humphreys Group, we don’t just address the technical side of wealth management. We also discuss the emotional side. We know that emotions play a huge role in money matters, and that’s why we always approach wealth management with empathy and expertise in equal measure.

When you work with us, you can relax about money, knowing you are on top of your finances and are well supported by a team of professionals. You can gain confidence that you’ve made the right decisions, feel empowered and not burdened, and feel appreciated for being in the role of family CFO.

Going through Changes

Women in Transition

You’re going through a major life transition — whether it’s changing careers, going through a divorce, losing a loved one, relocating, getting an unexpected windfall, or getting ready for retirement — and it’s overwhelming. You’re in unknown territory, you feel uncertain about your finances, and you don’t know how to live within your means in these new circumstances.

The Humphreys Group creates financial plans that are built to withstand the ebbs and flows of life. We continually revisit and refine your financial plan so that you can get the flexibility you need. With our analysis, you can feel confident about what is within your capacity and what financial tradeoffs you may consider. You can enjoy a lifestyle that you know is within your means — so you can make financial decisions without guilt, worry, or uncertainty. With our team on your side, you can feel secure in the knowledge that you are financially sustainable, now and going forward.

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Humphreys - Woman Executive

Women Executives

You worked so hard to get to where you are now, and you’re doing meaningful life work that taps into your full potential. You want to preserve your family’s wealth so they can be secure for years to come, and you want to give back to causes you care about. But you don’t know where to start — you feel like you don’t have the information or support needed to make confident financial decisions, and you worry that people mismanage your money.

When you work with The Humphreys Group, you can be confident that you are choosing a smart strategy and trust that we are implementing it. You can build your legacy with confidence — ensuring that your family and future generations will be secure, and that that your charitable contributions are making an impact. With this support, you can enjoy your success, be a role model for your family and community, and focus on your life’s passions.

Not the same old


LGBTQ+ individuals & same-sex couples face unique financial challenges when planning for life’s milestone events. Many have dealt with decades of institutional discrimination and bureaucracy, leading some to distrust financial services institutions. Yes, laws have passed to recognize the equality of marriage, but many LGBTQ+ individuals have financial plans, assets, or estates that pre-date the legal stuff by decades. Thankfully a lot of the legal roadblocks are now gone, but there are gaps and opportunities created in their wake.

Perhaps, newly married, you’re integrating your finances and buying a home to start a family. At The Humphreys Group, we help you navigate these challenges so you can have a joyful, rewarding relationship with money and your loved ones. With our guidance, you can make informed, intelligent financial decisions and better manage cash flow and budgeting. With our emphasis on both empathy and expertise, we can help you clearly and comfortably communicate with loved ones and friends about financial matters, with your boundaries in place and respected.

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