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We believe that using our time, talent and treasure in the wider community enriches our lives, impacts the way we approach our work and provides us the chance to give back.
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By getting out of the office, and even out of our comfort zone, we challenge ourselves to try new things and engage with a broader slice of the community. It allows us to really step back and put things in perspective.

In turn, we’re better able to meet our clients wherever they may be on their path to financial stability and empowerment, and to work with them to achieve their goals.

In Giving We Receive

How Does Humphreys Group Give Back?


Over the years we’ve engaged in a wide-ranging variety of hands-on community service opportunities, but we keep coming back to the very hands-on work of volunteering at St. Anthony’s. A highly regarded organization that cares for the down and out in San Francisco, St. Anthony’s serves meals to thousands of the underserved and hungry in our community on a daily basis. We all love the feeling of truly helping that we get when we’re working in the dining room, serving lunch and talking with those who come to eat. We aim to close the office a half-day a quarter to volunteer there.

We’ve also spent time sorting groceries and making peanut butter sandwiches at Project Open Hand as well as repotting seedlings and pulling weeds at the Native Plant Nursery in the Presidio. Our days are spent, in large measure, seated at computers, so we’re grateful for the opportunity to get out and work with our hands in meaningful, productive ways in our community.


We provide pro bono financial planning services to several Bay Area organizations, including Shalom Bayit, San Francisco Safe House and La Casa de Las Madres. We also participate in San Francisco Financial Planning Days, which provide an opportunity for those with financial planning concerns who haven’t had the means or opportunity to consult with a professional to sit down with a CFP and have their questions addressed.

We often make contributions to nonprofit organizations on behalf of our clients to celebrate milestones in their lives, in addition to making an annual year-end holiday donation in honor of all our clients. The organization we choose reflects our vision and values, and our commitment to women’s issues. Past recipients have included: