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At the Humphreys Group, we partner with our clients to help them create the life they want – a life supported by a thoughtfully crafted financial plan and investment strategy that reflects what matters most to them.

We use an exceptionally diligent discovery process, provide comprehensive financial planning and implement disciplined investment management based on academically tested portfolio principles.
The result? A clear financial plan with our commitment to helping our clients realize it, supported by investments that grow over time.

Through our process our clients learn and gain confidence in their own financial strength. They follow through on priority actions. They make decisions aligned with their values, put themselves on a healthy financial trajectory and transform their future.

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Getting Started with a Financial Advisor

Financial Discovery

Our financial planning process starts with getting to know you — your concerns, interests, aspirations, values, and long-term goals. We get behind the accounts and balances to learn what matters most to you.

Wealth Management - What's on the Agenda

Financial Planning

Effective planning is as much about possibility as it is about responsibility. Clients come to us because they aspire to something greater. It may be the need for their investments to work harder, or a more complex problem related to changing financial or personal circumstances. Some are simply looking for the best place to start.
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Investment Management

We don’t chase stories. Smart diversification works over the long term. Our approach is based on the science of capital markets. We use low-cost, highly diversified, tax-efficient vehicles and don’t play the game of trying to call market swings.

Align your investments with your values

ESG Portfolios

While there are many names (SRI, ESG, Sustainable Investing, Socially Screened Investing) for this rapidly growing segment of the investment world, they are all based on the desire to make money and do good at the same time. At The Humphreys Group, we heartily endorse the increased interest in investing to promote social good —it’s one of the most effective ways we can vote with our dollars.
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Humphreys - Conversation Circles
Insights & Outcomes Community

Conversation Circles

Our Conversation Circles provide an opportunity for women to have authentic discussions about money — our fears, our successes, our memories, and the attitudes, behaviors and legacies we’ve adopted over the years. We won’t be talking about spreadsheets or investment strategies. Instead, the Circle is for learning from each other and from ourselves.

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We're on a mission to change the way the world thinks about women and money. Will you join us?