Personal Finance Discovery

At the Humphreys Group, our financial planning process starts with getting to know you —your concerns, interests, aspirations, values, and long-term goals.

Getting Started with a Financial Advisor

You are more than a statement of accounts and investment positions. In order to provide our best advice, we take our time to get a clear understanding of what matters most so that we can develop a financial plan that will evolve with you during your life and serve you in any investment climate.

With this insight, we begin to lay the foundation of your financial plan. Our initial discovery process includes four to five meetings over the course of six to nine months. The process is structured and robust, and it’s completely personalized to you –and is directed by your pace and your priorities. Bottom line, our goal is that you to feel confident, excited, and engaged about your financial future.

During our onboarding process, we’ll provide you with exercises that help you define your intrinsic motivations and goals, consider what life transitions are coming up, reflect on your relationship with money, and more. These are just some of the resources in our toolkit that we’ll use to guide our discussion:

Financial Satisfaction Survey

This survey will help you consider all of the components that contribute to a sense of financial well being. For each prompt, consider your level of satisfaction, with as little self-judgement as possible. In our work together, we’ll first focus on areas of strength and success from which to build a strong foundation and momentum. We’ll consider how those strengths can be leveraged to increase your satisfaction in other areas. By having a sense of areas that are challenging for you, we can better provide support where it’s most needed.

I am satisfied…

  • with my ability to meet my financial obligations.
  • with the income my current job or career provides me.
  • with my spending habits.
  • with the level of debt I carry.
  • with the level and quality of insurance protection I currently have.
  • with the amount of money that I save and invest on a regular basis.
  • that I am on track to build a sufficient retirement nest egg.
  • with my ability to provide financial help to family members.
  • with my level of charitable giving.
  • with the level of financial education I have attained.
  • with how I respond emotionally to my personal finance issues.
  • with the working relationships I have with my financial service providers (i.e., insurance agent, banker, broker, financial planner, accountant).
More Personalized Exercises

Life Transition Survey

Life transitions create challenges as well as opportunities. Our strategy is to discover what changes you are now facing and those you expect or hope to make in the future, so that we can identify ways to help you make successful life transitions. For this exercise, select the transitions that you are currently experiencing or anticipate experiencing in the future.

  • Change in career path
  • New job
  • Promotion
  • Job loss
  • Sabbatical/leave of absence
  • Start or purchase a business
  • Phase into retirement
  • Purchase a home
  • Sell a home
  • Relocate
  • Purchase a vacation home/timeshare
  • Experience investment gain
  • Receive inheritance or financial windfall
  • Sell assets
  • Change in marital status
  • Expecting or adopting a child
  • Child going to college
  • Concern about aging parent
  • Death of family member
  • Increase charitable giving
  • Give special financial gifts to children/grandchildren
  • Give parental pension (monthly stipend)
  • Develop an estate plan
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At The Humphreys Group,
we strive for a financial planning process that is engaging and empowering.

By following a clear step-by-step process that starts with Discovery, we provide you with information and resources for decision-making around key challenges and goals, explaining the options and risks associated with each.

We identify and help you navigate the difficult choices we all sometimes face, and work with you to help you anticipate life transitions and to be financially prepared for them. We provide financial planning that blends empathy — the heart-center — with expertise — the number-crunching — because we know both matter equally throughout the entire process.

Through our in-depth discovery process, we align your goals with best financial planning strategy. Through these conversations and our careful analysis, you can feel confident in all aspects of your financial future. Ready? Let’s get started.

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