The Conversation Circle: Creating opportunities to tap into our collective wisdom.

Why the conversation circle?

In most aspects of our lives, when we need to make a decision we often turn to trusted friends and family. They listen as we sort through the details, they share their experiences and wisdom, and together we look for outcomes that are in alignment with our goals and values. Research indicates that women in particular rely on these conversations to build the knowledge and understanding they need to have make decisions confidently. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to have these important conversations about money and financial decisions with our usual confidants.

The Humphreys Group is committed to creating opportunities for women to have authentic conversations about the important aspects of personal finance beyond the numbers. These conversations foster a deeper knowledge and understanding which enables our clients to align their financial decisions with their values. When our money and values are in alignment, we are happier, more conscious of, and more engaged with our own financial management. This not only leads to a more robust portfolio, but better financial outcomes overall.

Our solution:

With this outcome in mind, we regularly host conversation circles for women who are interested in straightforward and authentic discussions focusing on the important aspects of personal finance that are non-numerical. We create opportunities for women to talk to one another about what matters, discover ways to apply our unique strengths to our finances, and share our stories, experiences, and collective wisdom about money. These conversation circles are structured and facilitated to provide time for personal reflection and interpersonal connection, and include content and exercises that lead to concrete action steps.

What happens at a conversation circle?

The conversation circle is a way of meeting that addresses money with a perspective distinct from that of a generic conference room approach. Our circles consist of a group of 12-15 women sitting together and talking about money and everything that goes with it – from our successes and fears to stories, behaviors and legacies we’ve adopted over the years. Each woman participates based on her own level of comfort and desire, and some choose to sit and listen.

We begin by discussing the principles, practices and agreements that determine how the circle functions. These tenets provide the framework that allows each woman to feel safe sharing her experience: the circle is conscientiously set up to be a judgment free space. The conversation and the structure of the session are guided by a specific topic. Structure creates freedom, and we design the conversation circle with that in mind. You can expect specific exercises and prompting questions so that each woman, introvert and extrovert alike, may find an entry point if she wishes. During the 2-hour circle, the activity varies and we may break into pairs, do a writing exercise, and also have time to share as a whole group. Throughout, Diane, Lexi and Hallie provide background information on the topic and food for thought. We open and close the circle with a relevant poem, and we often connect further after the circle is closed over dessert and rosé.