Entering Month Six of The Pandemic: A Reflection

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Entering Month Six of The Pandemic: A Reflection

As we enter month six of the pandemic, it’s important to reflect on what has changed and what we’ve learned.

On an individual level, our approaches have certainly changed; things that seemed daunting in month one or two are no longer so — but they have been replaced with new challenges, and the need for new strategies.

Here are some things we’ve noticed that have changed:

  • Our spending patterns have changed, and as you would expect, many of us have had dramatic shifts away from travel and entertainment and toward improving the creature comforts of our homes.
  • For many of us, it has become easier to maintain boundaries, based on our own ideas of what we’re willing and unwilling to do, socially. We have become more straightforward, as maintaining one’s boundaries has become more socially acceptable.
  • We also feel more permission to ask questions about another person’s behavior — because that person’s behavior could affect all of us. And while it may seem easier to ask these questions without judgment, some judgment does undoubtedly remain. More than one of us has “confessed” to having done something that may have garnered a sideways glance or raised eyebrow.
  • We’re making decisions — all day, every day — that come down to a risk-reward tradeoff. Whatever we are willing to do (or not do) is based on our core beliefs and the value we place on the reward. Those valuations differ among us, leading to differences of opinion as to what behaviors are “worth it.” Who ever thought diving into the minute logistical details of getting one’s haircut could be so fascinating?

Coping with An Extended Period of Uncertainty, Loss, And Grief

There’s no getting around it, we are all struggling. It is hard to cope with such an extended period of uncertainty, loss, and grief. Whether it’s the pain of seeing your children suffer the loss of their social connections or the sadness of missing family dinners for months on end, we’re all mustering our resilience to get through this extremely challenging time. And one way we can cope is by talking about our experiences in an unvarnished and honest way.

At The Humphreys Group, we regularly host “Insights & Outcomes: Conversation Circles for Women,” a discussion series where participants have authentic conversations about personal finance beyond the numbers. If you want to attend one of our upcoming virtual events, reach out to us today.