How to Cope With Feeling Financially Stuck

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How to Cope With Feeling Financially Stuck

Whether it’s lasted a few days or much longer, at some point most of us have been “there”: feeling stuck between where our lives are and where we want them to be. This feeling can happen in our jobs and professional networks; at home with family, friends and other communal connections; or in other areas of life such as our creativity and our health. Being stuck can even happen in our financial lives.

So how do we get “unstuck,” especially when we start to worry that our circumstances and our financial lives are destined to remain unchanged?

We at The Humphreys Group believe a crucial first step to getting unstuck when it comes to money matters is to engage in multiple levels of self-assessment. We use a powerful and effective variety of talk strategies, writing tools and thought guides with our clients that encourage them to move forward, in ways that align with who they are and what they value, toward determining and realizing their financial goals. What we do helps clients:

  • Establish where they are strong, satisfied and advancing their financial plans — for example: low debt; steady income; healthy spending, saving and investing habits; providing for themselves and other family members.
  • Realize areas of their financial knowledge and practices that may need a boost, such as developing a long-term financial strategy; managing stress about fiscal matters; and making investment choices.
  • Explore whether they are affected by negative myths about women and money, which include wrongly-held beliefs that women overspend, are too emotional about investing or lack self-confidence when it comes managing finances.
  • Discover what motivates them to get unstuck. We encourage each client to determine her unique values and priorities as a way to focus on behaviors and mindsets that will enable her to move forward with assertiveness in life and when making financial planning decisions.
  • Implement strategies that prompt clients to shift into action and engagement in their financial circumstances, perhaps by starting with a set of small daily goals and reaching them; writing about their goals; tackling difficult conversations about money; or regularly meeting with advisors for additional advice and insight regarding their financial plans.

To assist with your efforts in getting unstuck on your journey toward increasing your financial confidence and knowledge, we invite you to download a free copy of our new book, “Rewriting the Rules: Telling the Truth about Women and Money”, as an additional resource. We also recommend you contact The Humphreys Group to discuss how we can support and further unlock the financial knowledge and smarts you already possess.