Diligent Discovery

We get behind the accounts and balances to learn what matters most to you.

Working With Us

You are more than a statement of accounts and investment positions. In order to provide our best advice, we learn about you, your dreams and aspirations, not just your assets and liabilities. We invest time in really getting to know you to develop a financial plan that will evolve with you during your life and serve you in any investment climate.

Over 30-plus years, we’ve seen that it takes care and clarity to build the trust needed to personalize your financial plan. We are transparent about ourselves and our process, beginning with an open discussion about the scope of our services, our compensation, our deliverables, exactly what you can expect from us, and how we can best work together. We follow through on each commitment we make, and communicate in a clear, straightforward manner.

Clarity: A Roadmap We Navigate Together

We begin with a conversation. This is what’s different about our approach and sets us apart from other wealth management firms: the patience, thoughtfulness and discipline that we bring to this dialogue. Our approach will provide you with a roadmap, but our process is never formulaic. We aim to get to know you well, and will use a variety of discovery tools that pose questions for you to consider. Together, we will explore your finances in depth. To give our best financial advice, we want to understand more about you than just your goals, balances and investment experience. You need and deserve both expertise and empathy.

Insight: Options and Alternatives

The result? Insight into the range of your most important questions. Our goal is to zero in on your most pressing choices – and then to help you find the answers.

We believe that at its best, wealth management integrates holistic, comprehensive financial planning with ongoing, disciplined investment management . By following a clear step-by-step process, we provide you with information and resources for decision-making around key challenges and goals, explaining the options and risks associated with each. We identify and help you navigate the difficult choices we all sometimes face, and work with you to help you anticipate life transitions and to be financially prepared for them. And always, we are guided by what matters most to you.

Partnership: Helping You Make Smarter Choices

A highly focused organization, we have the resources to evaluate and manage complex financial situations. You can always expect to work directly with a senior planner, whose experienced attention will be devoted to your plan. We won’t disappear or “hand you off” after the introductions are made. Our team approach brings brainpower, specialization and diversity to the table, resulting in more effective solutions that will serve you best.

We also approach our work with you in a spirit of partnership. It matters to us that you get the life you want, achieving your best possible financial outcomes. Our team understands how daunting change can seem, and we plan with you at your own pace. We will drive the process, set the agenda and be proactive on your behalf, supporting you as you take important (but sometimes tough) steps forward. And we always remember that the outcome must reflect your priorities.

Plan with Purpose: Reach Your Destination

What does it mean to live in possibility? To plan with purpose? We know firsthand that with a financial plan that’s personally tailored and grounded in a disciplined investment management strategy, you can live in possibility. That is, you can live in the knowledge that achieving your dreams and aspirations is not only possible but that you are on the path to realizing it.
Our expertise is a function of our experience, our structure and our process. The result for you: a sense of freedom. We start with care, consideration and discovery. But we don’t stop there. Our process means we get it done, take crucial steps, shift resources to your advantage and tackle challenges. We do the analysis for retirement planning and your long-term financial sustainability. At the core, we dig deeper and go below the surface to make sure our strategy is in sync with your goals and what matters most to you.