Vocational Resilience – Making Your Work Life Work For You

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Vocational Resilience – Making Your Work Life Work For You

For the final part of our series on resiliencies in middle age, in this blog we look at the value of Vocational Resiliency and offer ways to strengthen your professional life and skills as a new year approaches.

Vocational Resilience means securely knowing the skills and talents you bring to your workplace environment. But it doesn’t stop there. This aspect of your life also means you are continuing to explore ways to enrich and broaden your professional expertise, developing additional abilities and strengths, and seeking out new opportunities that may arise from a change in work status (whether planned or unexpected).

What can you do to ensure you build Vocational Resiliency in your work life at middle age? Consider these action items:

Learn. Take advantage of chances to increase your knowledge base, develop aspects of your current professional skill set or discover a new passion worth pursuing. Stay up to date on opportunities to attend classes, lectures, speaker nights and other related learning events; find such opportunities online or by contacting alumni associations and professional organizations.

Network. Professional organizations and alumni associations are also a valuable source of information about social events that may help you broaden your professional network. Remember that the professionals in your network can play a sustained and helpful role with offering advice and guidance should you want to take your work life in a fresh direction or if you face a change in your work status in middle age.

Advocate. Recognize the breadth and depth of your skills, and consider how you can actively put them to their best use in your work life. For example, join a challenging project that would benefit from your expertise, nurture your internal and external company work relationships, or clarify your long-term professional goals so that you know what you want your work life to look like in the coming years.

Mentor. Share work-related lessons you’ve learned and wisdom you’ve earned as a professional by building your support network among younger co-workers who are looking for guidance as they gain their own professional experience. That support is likely to be returned in the years to come.

Prepare. Consider taking your professional life in a fresh direction, particularly as you assess other areas of your life that may need your time and attention in middle age (such as family, health, finances, community). Knowing what your customers and bosses value in you – as well as being confident and knowledgeable about the value you bring to your workplace – can inspire an entrepreneurial mindset that may lead you toward new opportunities in middle age and beyond.

With our clients topmost in our thoughts, during the past few weeks we’ve examined the many areas of resiliency – Financial, Social, Community, Physical, Spiritual and Vocational. Why? Because The Humphreys Group believes in taking a holistic approach when it comes to helping our clients with their financial planning needs.

As the year winds down and with 2019 on the horizon, we support the efforts individuals and families are making to ensure their future well-being in all aspects of their lives. We look forward to offering our professional financial advice and assistance throughout the year to come.