Our core values

Effective Service • Expertise • Discovery • Connection • Integrity • Responsible Leadership

So often, corporate values are little more than words on a flip chart, forgotten when the retreat ends and everyone is back to their desks. At The Humphreys Group, we support our principles with deliberation and intention. We imbue our work with the values that we believe result in our clients’ most successful and satisfying outcomes. What this means “on the ground” is that we partner with clients to provide clarity, support and positive results.

To achieve Effective Service, we synthesize all of our core values into a cohesive whole. Expertise in wealth management is the foundation for what we do, united with Discovery, our process for understanding our clients and what matters most to them. These strengths serve as the basis for a Connection that’s built on trust. Integrity means we use straightforward, transparent communication to provide the highest quality counsel, and through Responsible Leadership, we encourage our clients to become confident, competent and courageous in making life choices based on the sound financial framework we provide.

We “walk our talk” as a daily practice, committed to a culture of learning, innovation and mutual empowerment. Just as we work hard to provide exceptional service to our clients, we also strive to cultivate our values internally. Our office holds regular learning lunches that provide inspiration and new life-hacking tools through reading, conference debriefs and workshops. We meet with a highly skilled, insightful business consultant who hones our ability to see what is possible, focus our sights, navigate difficult conversations, present hard truths and express a little tough love when needed. As a team, we also give back to the larger community through volunteer and pro bono work, and enjoy annual strategic planning retreats that nurture and fine-tune our company goals, mission and shared vision.

All of these practices come together in a perpetual development of our internal motto: calm, straightforward, transparent. We’ve discovered that the more we foster our internal integrity, the greater our support to our clients becomes. As poet William Stafford said, “You must revise your life.”