The Power of Financial Planning

When preparation meets opportunity, good things happen.

We create customized solutions for each client’s unique needs. Read on for their stories, and to see the benefits of a carefully constructed, well-executed financial plan.

The Comfort of Experienced Counsel

Elaine doesn’t have to go it alone anymore.
Already an independent woman, she inherited significant resources from her family’s successful steel business.
She can live comfortably on those funds without concern for her long-term sustainability, and can leave a legacy to an important cause. Elaine’s goal is to maintain the personal freedom her finances provide her in the most fruitful way possible.


As her financial advisors, we serve Elaine as a sounding board for big money decisions like remodeling her home, purchasing a new car, or gifting to charities and extended family. We clearly lay out the long-term implications of her choices. Our team listens to her concerns and helps her problem-solve any financial issues that come up. We developed possible scenarios for funding various long-term care options and discussed aging in place versus moving into a retirement community, covering all the bases so that Elaine could evaluate her options.

Finding Security in Independence

Life is complicated: Heather’s divorce had just been finalized when we met her. Her marriage had ended and she would be receiving spousal and child support for a limited time.In the past, she deferred to her husband with regard to money. For the first time, Heather was making financial decisions for herself and her two sons. Her priority goal was to purchase a home for herself and her boys. She needed tools and a framework to take on these challenges, and a way to develop a budget so that she could find a house that met her needs without jeopardizing her financial future.


Experienced in guiding clients through transition, we helped Heather learn the fundamentals of managing her finances. She started to track expenses, laying the groundwork for her budget. Through our comprehensive and accessible long-term sustainability analysis, we estimated how much she could afford to spend on a house, balancing this with her long-term financial health. With a plan in place, she was free to focus on her well-being and immediate priorities. She now lives in a home she loves and calls her own.

Relief from Fear

After decades as a high-powered exec at a prestigious architecture firm, Harriet unexpectedly found herself facing an early retirement package. As the shifting tides of changing income and status loomed, Harriet wanted to know how she’d replace the income she was used to and how she could avoid running out of money in retirement. Harriet’s retirement goals were clear: she wanted to do pro bono consulting for nonprofits aligned with her personal values, to spend more time with her grand-babies and to travel abroad to do environmental and conservation work.


Out of the gate, our team advised Harriet in negotiating a better severance package than she had imagined possible. We provided her with discovery and self-reflection tools to build her understanding of where she wanted to devote her time and her resources. Together we completed a long-term financial planning analysis and conducted financial modeling for her retirement options based on conservative assumptions that she selected and that suit her goals and personal vision.

The Confidence of Well-Planned Beginnings

When she came to us, Allie was at an exciting time in her career – the very beginning! Savvy young woman that she is, Allie was already enthusiastic to get smart about money and take the reins of her financial responsibility from her parents.She knew she needed to learn about her employer-based benefits and plan the transition from a monthly allowance to living within her own means and supporting herself.


We teamed up with Allie to equip her with knowledge that would allow her to assume her new responsibility with confidence. We introduced her to and helped her put into place a productive, organized system for understanding her expenses. We discussed her funds, her future and the time value of money. We made a recommendation regarding renters insurance for her new apartment. Allie has taken the necessary steps to get smart about money, and invest fully in herself and her future.

Setting Your Relationship to Succeed

Alex and Casey just tied the knot! For years they’ve been talking about starting a family, and they’re finally ready. They both lead busy lives and need to make sure they can take care of their current financial demands, safely plan for retirement and situate their finances within their brand-new marriage, among so many other things. Alex is focused on making sure they can fund education for two possible children, while Casey wants to evaluate their housing costs and the possibility of buying a larger home. Clearly, there’s a lot of balancing to be done here!


We modeled several financial scenarios, addressing cash flow, taxes and the liquidity aspects of each. We compared the pros and cons of relocating to a different school district. We openly discussed life insurance options, creating a space where Alex and Casey could comfortably address challenging decisions, one by one. With the overturning of DOMA, we outlined the benefits and opportunities now available to same-sex couples. Together we built the strong foundation for a financial framework that can grow as the family grows, including a process for making decisions as a couple, taking into consideration children, housing, education and retirement.