Investing on Your Terms: How to Get Started

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Investing on Your Terms: How to Get Started

If you’ve worked with an experienced advisor at The Humphreys Group, or stayed up-to-date with our communications and outreach, it’s clear the research we do and the personal interactions we have with each client are driven by a desire to dispel long-held – and wrongly-held – beliefs that men are overall better at investing and money matters than women.

We work with our clients to help them appreciate that their experiences – overseeing household finances, dealing with work budgets, participating in community projects – have made them savvier about money than they may realize. We point out that women often earn better investment results than their male counterparts. And we chalk up our clients’ successes to a variety of factors, including women’s tendencies to do more investment research and maintain longer-term perspectives on their financial plans than most men do.

It appears growing numbers of women are hearing similarly empowering messages, and increasingly beginning to learn, talk, write about and engage in investing behaviors worldwide. A recent article in The Guardian by Hilary Osborne highlights several books, podcasts, seminars and other resources where women who want to hone their investment skills can learn to do so. Another online resource makes it clear that maintaining a savings account without considering investing may not be a sufficient strategy for most women in the 21st century.

It may seem daunting to undertake an investment plan. Perhaps you are a woman who is new to investing — or maybe you are already an investor but have questions about your current strategy. In any case, we want you to know we are here to help. We consider the unique needs of each client to support her confidence and knowledge about investing, and the advice our experts offer is grounded in a few straightforward principles:

  • Focus on a short-list of investment principles and strategies that will work for you
  • Take time to learn about and curate your financial resources and investment plan(s)
  • Don’t get distracted by shifting investment trends and jargon

We already know pay gaps between women and men persist, and that many women leave the workforce earlier and live longer than men. Achieving financial equality in their lives remains an issue of interest and concern for many women. Contact The Humphreys Group to start a conversation about your investment journey. And if you haven’t done so already, remember to download a free copy of “Rewriting the Rules: Telling the Truth about Women and Money” to better understand the financial knowledge and smarts you already possess.