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The Women-Led B Corps That Inspire Us

In spring 2018, nearly 70 B Corp women CEOs gathered in the Hudson River town of Irvington, New York, for the first annual B Corp Women’s CEO Gathering at the Eileen Fisher Learning Lab [1]. These women CEOs of Certified B Corporations — such as Eileen Fisher, Green Retirement, Sweet Livity, Colibri Digital Marketing, Buy Certifiably, and Ellevate Network —  addressed the question, “What can we do together that none of us can do alone?”

At the end of the event, the CEOS came up with five working groups — Shifting Capital to Women, Equity Diversity and Inclusion, CEO Peer to Peer Network, Growing Your B Corporation, and Political Advocacy. The event led to a movement, and they now hold monthly meetings and annual gatherings in the spring. It also led to the 2018 launch of WeTheChange [2], a group of womxn CEOs of Certified B Corporations and other purpose-driven organizations brought together by a collaborative declaration.

10 Inspiring Women-Led B Corps

The Humphreys Group became a B Corp in August 2020, and we’re so excited to be part of entrepreneurial community. We wanted to highlight some of the creative women-led B Corps that inspire us:

1. Ellevate Network [3]

Professional Networking Membership, Education, Events
About: “Ellevate Network is a global women’s network, serving as the essential resource for professional women who create, inspire and lead. Their mission is to close the gender achievement gap in business by providing women with a community to lean on and learn from.” (The Humphreys Group is part of the Ellevate Network and we’ve hosted several events with Ellevate!)

2. Eileen Fisher [3]

Women’s Apparel and Accessories
About: “For over 30 years, Eileen Fisher has created beautifully, simple clothes designed to move with real life. Before both minimalism and sustainability became trends, Eileen Fisher had the vision of a company guided by a distinctive aesthetic and an ongoing commitment to supporting women and making a positive impact in the world.”

3. One Village Coffee [4]

Specialty Coffee
About: One Village Coffee was the first coffee roaster to become B Corp certified. “As a founding B Corporation and specialty coffee roaster, One Village Coffee has desired to connect roasters, growers, and coffee drinkers since 2007. Packed in their compostable bag, their offerings range from light to dark roasted coffees, focusing on balance and sweetness.”

4. Zen of Slow Cooking [5]

Simple-To-Make Recipes
About: “Zen of Slow Cooking helps home cooks serve tasty, wholesome dinners to their families. They do this by providing simple-to-make recipes featuring their artisanal, certified non-GMO spice blends, which create contemporary, healthy and truly delicious dishes.”

5. Visit.org [6]

Tours and Activities
About: “Based in NYC and founded in 2015, Visit.org is the world’s largest discovery and booking platform for immersive, impactful travel experiences hosted by do-good organizations around the world. 100% of hosts’ revenue is invested back into the local community.” 

6. Black Fox Philanthropy [7]

Fundraising Consulting
About: “Black Fox Philanthropy is a consultancy of innovative strategists who help raise vital funds for social change organizations around the globe. Black Fox Philanthropy’s focus and deep knowledge of global NGOs enables them to strategize complexities, challenges, and opportunities in the international funding landscape.”

7. Eco-Bags Products [8]

Reusable Bags
About: “Behind their little green ECOBAGS tag is a woman-owned business with a history of creating durable, sustainably sourced & responsibly made bags using natural, recycled, organic and recyclable materials for retail, resale, promotions, packaging and design.”

8. Geek Girl Tech [9]

IT Security and Support
About: “Geek Girl Tech provides security and compliance solutions to mission-driven and socially conscious businesses.”

9. Rivanna Natural Designs [10]

Sustainable Plaques and Awards
About: Rivanna Natural Designs offers elegant, planet-friendly alternatives to traditional trophies and plaques. They started in 2001 with a simple objective: to create green jobs for refugees and others in the community who needed safe, meaningful, and rewarding employment.

10. Sustrana [11]

About: Sustrana is a provider of sustainability management solutions. They help organizations build, implement, and grow strategic sustainability programs.

We’re Proud to Be Part of the B Corp Community

We’re so proud to be part of the B Corp community and movement. If you’re interested in learning more about the B Corp certification and how it helps The Humphreys Group run better, reach out to our team today [12].