Welcome to our library. We strive to provide resources so that our clients know as much as they wish when it comes to being financially savvy. And it doesn’t stop there! We are part of a larger community – including you, wherever you may be. This is where we share content and tools that are important, fun and even inspiring, with everyone. Our resource vault will help you get smart about money, find your own motivation to move forward, and laugh and breathe a bit easier along the way.

Our Wish

May you awaken to the mystery of being here and enter the quiet immensity of your own presence. May you have joy and peace in

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Money Conversations

  Think of a conversation about money that could have gone better.  How do you remember that experience?  Did you go into that conversation with

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Clouded Judgement

 Most financial advisors will tell you that emotions cloud your judgment and provoke irrational behavior.  They have no place among the pie charts and annualized

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If we made women’s unique strengths, concerns, and preferences the financial norm, what would we see?

Learn to invest like a woman.
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