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What is a Conversation Circle, Anyway?

In most aspects of our lives, when we need to make a decision we often turn to trusted friends and family. They listen as we sort through the details, they share their experiences and wisdom, and together we look for outcomes that are in alignment with our goals and values. Research indicates that women in […]

When Difficult Conversations Come up at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can bring a sense of gratitude, happiness… and stress: Judgmental aunts. Nosy cousins. Prying grandmas. Boastful cousins. Jealous brothers. Successful sisters. Uncomfortable in-laws. When you bring your extended family all around the same dinner table, things can get heated. Difficult topics can come up: money, politics, religion, relationships, career choices, academic success, your appearance, […]

How to Improve Your Financial Literacy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The financial literacy gap between men and women is from structural, systemic and societal inequalities and barriers over time. (One example: It wasn’t until 1974 — with the passage of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act — that women won a legal right to apply for credit cards separate from their husbands.) Why the Financial Literacy […]

Rewriting the Rules: Dispelling the Myths Around Women and Investing

When a Washington, D.C-based nonprofit held a series of investment seminars for women nurses at a local hospital, only one or two nurses showed up. But when the nonprofit team changed the names of the seminars, emphasizing the words “financial security” instead of “investing,” suddenly the room filled up with attendees. This story highlights that […]

Easing Tensions Around Family Inheritances 

At The Humphreys Group, we know how much our early personal experiences, family histories, and backgrounds can affect how we view money in adulthood. This is especially true when it comes to handling family inheritances. Sibling Dynamics and Family Inheritance Let’s say your grandparents tended to show favoritism toward your older sister. Or your brother got a new car for his sixteenth birthday, and you didn’t. Or your parents […]

Women Do Have Financial Confidence, Despite What the Stereotypes Say

In the world of finance, women have long been depicted as indecisive investors, insecure about their financial knowledge and the decisions they make with money. But this is a myth — women don’t lack financial confidence. Here’s why. Why the Myth Exists We live in a culture that applauds people who speak and act authoritatively, […]

4 Ways Millennials Are Getting Money Right

Millennials experienced the financial crisis first-hand. And many of us were unlucky enough to graduate college during the worst job market since the Great Depression. But through these challenging experiences, we were taught a unique set of money lessons that have helped us thrive. Here are some ways millennials are getting money right: 1. We […]

Negotiating for What You’re Worth

It’s often assumed that women don’t ask for raises, that they act less assertively in negotiations for fear of upsetting the relationship with their boss or colleagues. Books like Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever’s Women Don’t Ask and Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In have tried to back this claim. But new research from Harvard Business Review […]