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What is a Conversation Circle, Anyway?

In most aspects of our lives, when we need to make a decision we often turn to trusted friends and family. They listen as we sort through the details, they share their experiences and wisdom, and together we look for outcomes that are in alignment with our goals and values. Research indicates that women in […]

When Difficult Conversations Come up at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can bring a sense of gratitude, happiness… and stress: Judgmental aunts. Nosy cousins. Prying grandmas. Boastful cousins. Jealous brothers. Successful sisters. Uncomfortable in-laws. When you bring your extended family all around the same dinner table, things can get heated. Difficult topics can come up: money, politics, religion, relationships, career choices, academic success, your appearance, […]

Join the Conversation

The Conversation Circle: Creating opportunities to tap into our collective wisdom. What happens at a conversation circle? The conversation circle is a way of meeting that addresses money with a perspective distinct from that of a generic conference room approach. Our circles consist of a group of 12-15 women sitting together and talking about money [...]

Negotiating for What You’re Worth

It’s often assumed that women don’t ask for raises, that they act less assertively in negotiations for fear of upsetting the relationship with their boss or colleagues. Books like Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever’s Women Don’t Ask and Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In have tried to back this claim. But new research from Harvard Business Review […]

The ‘Fifth Trimester’: Going Back to Work After Maternity Leave

In late December, a new law was passed giving federal workers paid parental leave for the first time. (Unfortunately, not all federal workers are covered by the new law.) This is a great step forward, and we’re so happy there’s being a national conversation around parental leave — it’s finally getting the attention it deserves. […]

Goal Setting with Intention in 2020

In a recent blog post, we provided a warm-up to help you discover how you feel — consciously or not — about setting new year’s resolutions. Here’s the exercise again in case you missed it: Try completing the sentences quickly; fill in the blanks with the first word or words that come to mind. I […]

Investing with Intention: Why Discipline Beats Bravado

Look up the word “intention,” and you’ll find a number of synonyms: Aim. Purpose. Objective. Goal. Target. End. Design. Plan. Resolution. Ambition. Desire. Idea. Dream. Aspiration. Hope. The sense of determination inherent in each of these words strikes a powerful chord with us, and resonates with the work we do as a wealth management firm. […]

Savings Self-Care: What It Means to Your Personal and Financial Health

We talk a lot about resilience and how our clients can apply their unique skills, talents, and knowledge to achieve their personal and professional goals. We know this can be tiring work, which is why we highlight the important role “Savings Self-Care” plays when it comes to forming healthy habits that can support an individual’s long-term […]

Thank You – Download Rewriting the Rules Book

Thank you for signing up to receive a free copy of our book! Please check your email for a download link and a number of other goodies. Didn’t receive an email? Click here to download the book directly. Keep scrolling below to learn more about this passion project and what it means to us to […]