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What is a Conversation Circle, Anyway?

In most aspects of our lives, when we need to make a decision we often turn to trusted friends and family. They listen as we sort through the details, they share their experiences and wisdom, and together we look for outcomes that are in alignment with our goals and values. Research indicates that women in […]

Join the Conversation

The Conversation Circle: Creating opportunities to tap into our collective wisdom. What happens at a conversation circle? The conversation circle is a way of meeting that addresses money with a perspective distinct from that of a generic conference room approach. Our circles consist of a group of 12-15 women sitting together and talking about money [...]

The Assembly SF Event Recap

What’s in Your Resilience Toolkit? Hosted by women, for women. Get your exclusive recap of the event, sponsored by The Humphreys Group and The Assembly. Life happens — for better or worse. The good news? Women are adept at enduring adverse circumstances — in fact, it’s where we thrive. During this event, The Humphreys Group’s […]

eBook – Rewriting the Rules | Telling Truths about Women and Money

If we made women’s unique strengths, concerns, and preferences the financial norm, what would we see? Learn to invest like a woman. Get your free copy of the book today! As Featured In Power of the Purse At The Humphreys Group, it’s no secret we applaud and encourage the many ways in which today’s women […]

Forbes Interview

We’re proud to be published on, especially because we feel so passionately about helping our clients communicate more effectively about money — not just in our meetings but also during our quarterly Conversation Circles.  Check it out!

What’s in Your Resilience Toolkit: Insights and Outcomes

Last week, we opened our conversation circle by making one thing very clear:  women are good at resilience. We assemble our resilience toolkits and make sure our tools are sharpened in preparation for life’s tough times. We endure, persevere and support each other along the way. And we right ourselves, adapt, and find our way […]

Myth #4: Women Lack Confidence When it Comes to Money

Over the last few years, much ink has been spilled over women and their lack of confidence. Female executives have written books with several chapters dedicated to the topic. In 2014, one of The Atlantic’s most popular cover stories popularized the term “the confidence gap” and examined the empirical research on the issue. Even beauty magazines now […]

Myth #2: Emotion and personal values should be kept separate from money and investing

  Most financial advisors will tell you that emotions and investing are two things best kept in isolation. Emotions cloud your judgment, they say. Emotions provoke irrational behavior and have no place among the pie charts and annualized returns on your financial plan. Best to compartmentalize your feelings and save them for your therapy appointments. […]